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New Brighton Massage


Laura is excited to be offering Registered Massage Therapy from her home located in the New Brighton Neighbourhood in Calgary. Registered Massage Therapy treatments are available now for booking.  Help for various aches and pains, headaches, tension and stress. 

Online booking available - Credit card information is required for online booking, but it is only used to enforce the cancellation policy or if you want the payment processed on that card. 


Note: Must be able to do stairs.  The treatment room is in the basement and there are a few steps coming into the house. 

Massage Therapy can help with:


  • Headaches & stiff, sore neck

  • Low Back Ache

  • TMJ ache/ disorder

  • Pregnancy related aches

  • Sore muscles from a workout or yard work

  • Stains, Sprains, other soft tissue injuries

  • Digestive issues

  • Stress/ Anxiety

And much more


Prenatal massage cushions available for comfortable facedown treatment


Laura treats people of all ages

Massage for Kids:​

  • Sports related aches

  •  Growing pains

  •  Wellness

Feel free to email, text or call with any questions 

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