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Pediatric Massage Therapy

Can Children get Massaged?   

Yes. Kids can benefit from massage therapy too.

A Pediatric massage is for anyone from 2- 18 years old. So many things happen in this span of years, and there are different reasons for seeking massage therapy.

Often massage for kids is adapted to be gentler and may be a shorter session as children's bodies are generally smaller and more sensitive than adult bodies. As with adults Laura will adjust the pressure to the child’s preference during treatment. Prior to treatment she will discuss the areas to be treated and obtain consent from the child and their parent/ guardian. 

Reasons for Massage Therapy for Children


Muscle aches in kids

While more common in the teen years, all children can experience muscle aches. Thankfully they often recover more quickly than adults, but when they don’t; bringing them in for a massage therapy session can get them back to feeling great.


Sports related aches in children

Many children of all ages are in very competitive sports, from hockey and dance to swimming and soccer.  They play hard, and these sports often have repetitive movements and risk of injury.  Massage will help muscles and joints recover from their efforts.


Growing pains in kids and teens

Massage increases circulation which can help the discomfort and sometimes pain felt when muscles and bones are growing.


Digestive Issues in children

Massage Therapy can help with constipation.  There are specific techniques that help to break up hard stool and make them easier to pass.  As well, the general increased circulation and relaxation effect of a massage can help improve elimination.


Wellness and Relaxation for children and youth.

Anxiety and stress are more common than ever, even in children and especially in youth.  Relaxation massages help with stress and anxiety by switching the nervous system from running in flight and fight mode to rest and digest mode. In addition, massage therapy for children and youth can act as much needed time for rest and relaxation.

FAQ’s about kids and youth massage therapy:


Does a parent or guardian have to be with the child during treatment?

Yes, if a child is under the age of 10 a parent or guardian needs to stay for the entire duration of the treatment.  For children between the ages of 11 and 17 a parent must stay for the introduction and assessment process, at this time it will be discussed whether or not a parent or guardian should stay.


What is the length of treatment for a child or youth massage?

This will vary greatly, based on the reason for the massage therapy session, the age and size of the child.  For some smaller wiggly children 30 minutes is plenty, for older children & teens a 60-minute session is likely a good fit. 


Do children have to remove clothing during a treatment?

Removing of any clothing is always optional, it is up to the person getting the massage, this same principle applies to children and youth.  Treatment can be done with clothes on, some leave their bra on, other children may prefer to wear shorts and tank top during their treatments and this is perfectly ok and can still be effective.

How do I book a massage for my child?

You can book online, just scroll down in the list of treatment options, kids massages are listed below prenatal currently.  Or you can always call, text or email Laura. 



If you have any questions please contact Laura:


Call or text 403 899 5516

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