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Prenatal Massage

Massage Therapy is an effective way to help decrease the aches and pains common in pregnancy. 


Many with low back ache, sore hips and carpal tunnel syndrome due to being pregnant are helped by massage.  Massage Therapy can also help with tension headaches, neck soreness and stress.

Laura loves working with all parents and the months of pregnancy are no exception.  Laura's treatment space is a safe space for all feelings of joy, excitement, fear, nerves and more. 

Come relax.  

Take good care of you.  

New Brighton_Prenatal_Massage_Late_edite

The Body Cushion System offers comfort and safely for a face-down massage in all trimesters.

Above: base set with two blocks for lots of space for third trimester belly. 

Below: Base set - for late first trimester & early second trimester. 

The cushions are set up for each person's appointment based on how far along they are and how they are carrying.  

Please note:  Laura treats in all phases of pregnancy.  If you are concerned about Pre-natal massage email Laura any questions and talk to your doctor or midwife. 


If you are high risk, you must see your doctor and discuss getting Massage Therapy before coming in.  Thank you for understanding and taking that time.  

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