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What To Expect 

During the Covid-19 Pandemic

This page will be updated regularly. 
Check back before your appointment for the latest information. 
(Updated November 23rd, 2022)

Key Changes: 

  • Masks are required and a disposable medical mask will be provided to you upon your arrival at no charge. 

  • Mandatory Online self assessment for Covid-19 will be send 36 hours before your appointment.  It must be done at least 2 hours before your appointment time. 

  • New Patients: The online intake form and heath history should be done the day before your appointment


Online booking is open for existing patients.  You can also call, text or email Laura to book your next massage therapy session.  New Patients are welcome, just text, call or email Laura to book.  

Covid Assessments

If you or someone that you have spent time with in the last two weeks is sick, or showing symptoms of covid-19 (Fever, Cough, Sore Throat, Painful swallowing, Runny nose/ Nasal Congestion, Shortness of breath, Difficulty breathing, Loss of sense of taste or smell, General unwell feeling.), or if you have been in contact with a confirmed or presumptive diagnosis of COVID-19 please reschedule your appointment. 

Thank you so much for your honesty and cooperation.  I appreciate when you cancel as soon as you can, but understand if you are sick and cancel with short notice.  

36 hours before your appointment you will be emailed an online self assessment. Please fill it out honestly.  I will text or call you to discuss any concerns.  If this is not filled out prior to your appointment, we will not be able to proceed with your appointment.  

Prior to your appointment

Important for New Patients: Intake forms must be done prior to your appointment, preferably the day before.  I do not have a computer available for public use. 


At your appointment:

Please arrive at your appointment time.  I will open the door as you walk up. No need to ring the door bell.

If you do arrive early, either wait in your vehicle until your appointment time or text me and I will come to the door as soon as I am able.  I will need to wash my hands and put on my mask before I open the door.  Thank you for your patience with this new procedure. 


Use the hand sanitizer that will be outside the door.

Put the mask on I have provided after using the hand sanitizer.  

​The white side towards you, blue outward with the wire on the top.  First put the loops around your ears, then pinch the wire over your nose and pull the bottom of the mask under your chin.  


I will be washing my hands and putting on my mask two minutes before the appointment time. 


Interview, assessment and treatment will happen as usual.  Other then us both wearing a mask.  


I will wear gloves if you prefer it or if there is any concern about broken skin; cuts, scratches etc.

Overall your massage will feel much like you are used to.  

Cleaning Protocols 

After every appointment any surface that may have been touched by the previous patient will be sprayed with a health Canada approved disinfectant.  Such as, but not limited to: chair, massage table, side table, bin for the mask, stair railings.

 Other surfaces, such as floor, light switches & door knobs will be regularly disinfected. 



It will be cleaned after every use.  I am switching to wash cloths, which will be washed in hot water after every use.

Thank you for your understanding with the changes.

As always please contact me with any questions or concerns. 
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