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Local Care

Chiropractic Care. 

Douglas Square Chiropractic

Call 403 279-0800 to book. 

Website For more information 

I personally see Dr. Lindsay Alcock.  She does joint adjustments and Active Release Technique (ART).  She is highly knowledgable and cares about her patients.   

Located in Douglas Glen


PT Kinetics. 

Website for more information & Online Booking 


I have personally seen Tanya Hoffman many times.  She has over 15 years of experience, she uses manual therapy, acupuncture and exercise in her treatments.  Based on your reason for treatment and schedule one of the other Physiotherapists may be best for you.  

Located on 130th Ave, McKenzie Towne. 


Rad Rounds

Can be purchased in person at Sportchek or online from amazon

A set of three balls in different sizes and densities for self massage between sessions with Laura.  (Picture coming soon.) 

A guide for some uses can be found on the Company's website here.  Laura will go over ways the Rad Rounds could be used to best help your body, ask her at your next Massage Therapy Session. 

When using a tool like this, as with stretching always, always listen to your body.  Start slow.  

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